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Residential & Commercial for Foreigners

Kmass Property Services located in 98 Doc Ngu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi is a professional real estate agent providing property hunting for residential and commercial areas  concentrating on Hanoi Market. Kmass provides residential and commercial property hunting for foreigners in Hanoi. High - Rank CEO: Luxury serviced apartments for rent, luxury villa for rent. Budget from usd 3,000.00/month to usd 10,000. Read More...

Hanoi Snack Time

The refined cuisine of Trang an, as Hanoi was once known, has made its mark throughout Vietnam. Using ingredients from the rice paddies, generations of Hanoi women have created a unique culinary legacy. Made of rice and water, Bun (rice vermicelli) is symbolic of the paddy fields. In Hanoi, these simple noodles are enjoyed year-round. Vermicelli, like steamed sticky rice and other cakes, is genera Read More...

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